We’re the first to admit…weight loss products can be very confusing. Carb blockers, thermogenics, caffeine pills, water pills, magic foods, starvation diets….enough already! Many companies have jumped on the weight-loss band wagon hoping to cash in, often at your expense. Ever used a product, lost a few pounds, only to regain the weight? It’s called yo-yo dieting. If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. Short-term product gimmicks have failed and frustrated millions. Qivana is out to change that.

METABOLIQ is the new standard. It alone is backed by three decades of research, millions of dollars, hundreds of scientific experiments, and partnerships with the best scientists in the world. We’re not out for a quick-hit. But we are out to create a real, proven, sustainable, and nutritionally sound program that can be used for the rest of your life. It never was about short-term weight loss. That’s easy. It is about changing your metabolism that in turn resculpts your body using your body’s own mechanisms. Its a root-cause approach. And no one else has the expertise, know-how or science to attempt such a feat.

That’s the METABOLIQ Edge.

“The METABOLIQ products are designed around my discovery of the role amino acids play in signaling. Properly designed, the METABOLIQ products signal muscles to repair their structure and strength, ultimately energizing their ability to burn calories and fat. My discoveries have led to a revolutionary change in obesity research and created entirely new strategies for weight loss. Qivana is the only company to fully integrate my discoveries into a comprehensive and sustainable weight management program.”

Dr. Layman– Dr. Donald K. Layman
Award-Winning Metabolic Researcher