Prime Edge

prime edge
PRIME is the most effective method available for restoring Nitric Oxide and improving blood flow.

Most supplement companies don’t bother with research, but PRIME was more than 10 years in development with the top Nitric Oxide scientists in the world. This is truly a next-generation product. All of the Nitric-Oxide products on the market rely entirely on the amino acid L-arginine to boost nitric oxide. Yet this complex pathway has proven to be highly inefficient and works much less in people over age 40. L-arginine supplements can help some, but we’ve proven they aren’t the best.

PRIME is so advanced that it’s light years ahead of the next best product on the market. It is the only product that restores Nitric Oxide production using all the known pathways, not just L-arginine. We’ve tested hundreds and hundreds of different plants, roots, barks, foods, and extracts. Using our proprietary algorithm we were able to quantify the Nitric Oxide potential of each and create a supplement using only the most potent materials proven to produce nitric oxide. We don’t ignore the L-arginine pathway…but we also use entirely new and different pathways, that are more effective for creating nitric oxide.

Our technology also takes advantage of a little known fact – a significant amount of N-O production occurs in the mouth! That’s right…nutrients react with bacteria in the mouth and produce nitric oxide. That means that the majority of the products can’t take advantage of this pathway because they bypass the mouth entirely using capsules, tablets, pills, and even drinks. Our Direct Dissolve® powder formula is specifically designed to sit in your mouth and begin producing nitric oxide immediately.
PRIME is light-years ahead of the competition.