Qivana Quality Guarantee

Doing Things Right.
What makes us different – makes us better. As you’ve likely seen with other companies, cutting corners can have long-term health ramifications. We know we can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to ingredient selection, ingredient processing, and formulation and packaging.We always begin formulations by designing them in partnership with the scientists who best understand how the ingredients work, backed by their own research. Then we work through every stage of production to deliver a finished product delivers on the science…every time.Our experience and relationships in the industry allow us to demand the very best. We partner only with the most highly rated certified facilities that have an impeccable history of quality.  Many companies would end their quest for quality right there, but we push further.  We far exceed the cGMP requirements by doing even more testing and third party assays by experts associated with respected independent laboratories after we receive the products from the manufacturers.

Here are just a few of the checkpoints:

  • Identification: We begin the process of ingredient identification using basic sensory processing – odor, taste, visual inspection and color.  We then use state-of-the-art chemical analysis to make sure the unique chemical “fingerprint” of the ingredient matches other known samples.
  • Potency: When appropriate we standardize each ingredient to ensure you’re getting the right amount of bioactives in each and every dose. Advanced laboratory testing works to determine the concentration of it’s bioactive constituents. Once produced, 3rd party labs double check production samples to ensure nothing was lost in the manufacturing process.
  • Protection from Heavy Metals:  We all know the dangers of heavy metals hidden inside our food, and yes sometimes even in supplements. We test for safety across a full spectrum of harmful heavy metals to make sure we have some of the purest ingredients on the market.
  • Non-Detectable Pesticides: Our commitment to quality continues when other companies look the other way. We run our ingredients through independent testing to ensure there are no herbicides, pesticides, fungisides, insecticides or other pollutants on our products.
  • Safe From Bacteria: We insist on microbial tests following the guidelines of the US Pharmacopoeia. We ensure the safety of our products by testing for a variety of bacterium, in addition to yeast and mold counts.

It may seem like we go too far above and beyond. But we know you count on us every single day.  You demand the best products and you know you can count on us to deliver.